Wednesday, August 24, 2016

September is #FamilyMealsMonth

Family Meals Month has grown over the past years. You will see the Family Meals movement in Salt Lake County, in Utah and Nationally through the FMI foundation. Share your love and support by having family meals your self! More info to come in September.

Join the National Family Meals movement!

Monday, August 22, 2016

School Time? Walk or Bike!

When school starts back up the kiddos will have a great way to meet the recommended 2 hours of physical activity! Give the car and bus a break and walk or bike to school! Here are Tips to make the "Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice".

For Walking:

  • Walk together. This is especially important for younger children who should be walking with an adult.
  • Parents, set up a walking club and alternate chaperones.
  • Older children? Have the neighborhood children walk together.
  • Pick a safe route and stick to it.
  • Don't Play, Take walking seriously especially around and in streets. 
  • Cross the street safely! Luckily cross-guards are usually around to help, but if not make sure to look both ways and only cross when you are 100% Safe.
  • Obey traffic signs, symbols and adult crossing guards!
  • For more tips, visit:

For Biking:

  • Practice riding your bike route with parents and/or your fellow neighborhood schoolmates.
  • Dress to be seen. Make sure to wear bright colors or a bright helmet.
  • Put on your Helmet!
  • Tie and tuck your shoelaces.
  • Watch for vehicles around every driveway. 
  • Obey traffic laws and always ride your bike predictable. Ride in straight lines and use hand signals.
  • Make sure your bike is safe to ride each time you are about to take it for a spin.
  • For more tips, visit:

Share all of your other tips and tricks below!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

School is right around the corner. Make sure your kids are taken care of at lunch time by serving them the proper amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein to fuel their days. 

What you see:
Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce
Rainbow Carrots
Fig cookies
Pomegranate Seeds

What you see:
Apple Wedges and Caramel Dip
Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Carrots
Whole-Grain Cereal

What you see:
Blueberry Pancake Sandwich with Cream Cheese
Sugar-Snap Peas
Avocado Half with Cherry Tomato
Banana Chips

Would you like to share some of your ideas? Comment Below.

Check back in September for Family Mealtime Month!